Maintaining your ceramic tile flooring can be a chore thanks to its pretty high water absorption rate. That is why regularly tending and cleaning is a must especially on higher-traffic areas. However, by using the right technique and methods, you can clean your ceramic tiles with less effort and work.

There are lots of ceramic tile cleaners that are both available online and offline. But they are pricey, and some of them contains harmful chemicals that may damage your ceramic flooring. Now you may be thinking that what if you just opt for porcelain tiles instead. But there’s nothing you can do about it anymore because this is the one you choose in the first place. Instead of mourning about that thing, listed below are a few simple tips and tricks on how to take care of your ceramic tile flooring.  

  • Sweep & Vacuum
  • Regularly sweeping and vacuuming is definitely a must to keep your ceramic tiles away from dust, grime, and grit residing into the surface. Be careful on how you vacuum your tiles, make sure that the vacuum has no beater bar to avoid scratching the tiles on the process. If done daily and properly, sweeping and vacuuming is your best bet to keep your ceramic tiles looking new without putting a dent to your wallet.

  • Mopping
  • Now that you’re done doing the above methods, the next thing you should do is to mop the tiles. At least twice or thrice a week should be enough, unless the tiles are installed on high-trafficked areas, where moping regularly is a must. When choosing mops, opt for one that uses microfiber and cotton. Sponge-mops can easily push dirt and grime into the grout lines or cracks on the tiles so it’s better to avoid using one.
  • When it comes to mopping unglazed tiles, a mixture of hot water and detergent is necessary. If you want an odor-repelling solution, mix white vinegar along with water. For deep cleaning, a help of a nonabrasive cleaner will do. Stay away from using acid while mopping unglazed floors as this may damage them.
  • It’s also important to change the water while mopping. Using old water can make the tiles look cloudy and dirty looking. Use a dry mop after mopping the floor to prevent water damage and mildew buildup.

  •  Floor mats
  • To protect your ceramic tiles from any kinds of dust and debris, a floor mat is just the thing you need. Put them on the inside or outside entry-ways, or any high-trafficked areas in the house. Don’t forget to clean these floor mats on a weekly basis. Shake them well to prevent dirt and debris buildup.

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