Some of us think that pottery is just a usual activity of making ceramic jars and such. What we didn’t know that the art of pottery brings lots of health benefits for us. Sounds weird, right? In fact, doing so will make your mind and body go into the state of synergy, which opens up the mind and relieve ourselves from stress. That said, here are ten health benefits of pottery.

  • Opens Up Creativity
  • With pottery, our minds creative outlet expands. Which enables us to express what we want to say or create in the outside world.

  • Boosts Optimism
  • Pottery is like magic that enhances our self-identification and expression, thus boosting our confidence and self-esteem, making us more optimistic.

  • Enhances Focus
  • The more you indulge yourself with pottery, the more it transcends you to your creative side, making you shift your focus more towards your creativity. Once you’re in this state, you will feel like you’re inside a shell away from the outside world. This state enhances your focus not just in pottery, but also in other aspects of your life.

  • Boosts Your Ability to Explore
  • Since pottery helps you to enhance your creative side, it also boosts your way of connecting to yourself and the environment. This enables you to explore the unknown and the things that are hidden behind.

  • Relieves Stress
  • Our hands play a vital role in pottery. The more you focus on your creation, the more it relieves you from stress and any kinds of distraction in the outside world.

  • Gives Your Wrists, Hands, & Arms its Much-Needed Exercise
  • Pottery is an activity that heavily relies on movement of the hands, wrists, and arms. This means that this activity is beneficial especially those people that are prone to arthritis on the hands.

  • Boosts Your Sociability
  • Pottery enhances the mental state as much as the physical, thus, making it a perfect hobby for those who want to find relaxation and peace. The atmosphere of group pottery helps relax people that are socially anxious. If you’re one of them and decide to join in such, you will find yourself sparking a conversation with others just because of the atmosphere alone.

  • It is a Natural Pain Killer

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